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The ...In the Offbeat series consists of three full length contemporary romance novels.  I was asked why I chose these titles and what is the significance of "in the offbeat". The offbeat is a state of mind. A place where peace and joy reside. If you think of a song, the offbeat is the space between the notes. It’s the quiet, minutia space that exists between each beat. Without the offbeat, there would be no music. No song. It would just be noise. But if you open your mind and your heart, you will experience it.
Living, Loving, and Lost in The Offbeat features strong, intelligent women facing poignant, sometimes funny, but mostly true-to-life drama filled situations as they search for that elusive place where joy resides.
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This contemporary romance novel is the third book in the Offbeat  series. Lost In the Offbeat  picks up with Joie Parker and her husband, Cedric as they experience challenges of life. 


Doing the right thing has never come easily for Joie, and with a tongue as sharp as her wit, getting into trouble seems to be the one thing she does very well. “No one can predict what tomorrow may bring”, is what they say. This old adage has never been truer as Joie and her family struggle through numerous life changes. Inevitably, as their losses continue to mount, Joie Parker must decide if her house will stand or be divided. 



Romance, love, and heart wrenching drama are intricately woven into this exciting sequel to LIVING IN THE OFFBEAT. This contemporary romance novel focuses on the relationships that developed around the couple while they searched for that elusive place of joy that resides In The Offbeat.


Several years have passed since Veronica met Luis at a beachside resort in the Dominican Republic. Just when they imagined life couldn’t get any better, everything changes when Luis places his business above their relationship. His misstep, along with other obstacles, causes them both to question their happy existence. Will love be enough to get them through the challenges of life?


“When did I forget what I was living for? Since when does wealth become the yardstick I measure myself by? I used to tell everyone who listened that living well isn’t about getting more things—it’s about being surrounded by family. Well, I don’t want to be “that guy” living in a mansion filled with expensive toys—alone and depressed... The time has come for me to fix this situation...” ~~~ As reflected upon by Luis Duarte


Living In The Offbeat is a contemporary love story about following your heart, your passion, your dreams, and discovering your purpose—what you are put here to do. 

Veronica Indigo Pierce has finally gotten her life back on track after her husband left her for a younger woman. It took years to recover, both emotionally and financially, yet she persevered. Veronica appears to have it all now—good friends, a stable career, a house in an affluent neighborhood, designer clothes, and an expensive car. Inevitably, she finds herself at a crossroads when she has to deal with an unexpected situation at work and comes face to face with lies, deceit, and betrayal from those closest to her. 

An unplanned vacation takes her to the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic where the idea of "Living In The Offbeat" comes to pass. Ultimately, she must make a choice between continuing to embrace the life she knows or give up everything to find her purpose and possibly discover true love.




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